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About Us

Why we started this journey.......
My name is Lisa Starr, and this is my family. At three years old, our daughter was tested by a public school system in another state, and we were told that she was developmentally delayed. She entered the public school system at three in a preschool program, which she attended for two years. As the years progressed, she was assessed again in the school system here, where they found she has a processing disorder. The school allocated her to receive thirty minutes a day of extra help. Thirty minutes was definitely not enough. In 2015, at eleven years old, she was tested again privately, and we were told she has severe dyslexia. On top of the learning struggles, she has had anxiety since she was three years old, which we were able to manage until two years ago. We found a wonderful person who was able to not only help her but also help our entire family manage her anxiety and teach her to manage it herself.


  • A Private School in Rockledge using a differentiated hands-on interactive style of learning with class sizes of 12-16.
  • Project based learning.
  • Why we started
  • Dyslexia


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the City of Rockledge
Author Day
Cupcakes....mmm good
Human graphing
Enzo's Smackdown to cancer invitation for The Rock to cook with the students.
Battleship graphing
Volcano eruption day
Field trip to Brevard Zoo
Smore's Parfait