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ASEA Cellular Health - Ken Liles



About Us

A Health Technology 10-15 Years ahead of its time. Across the globe an advanced health technology is impacting people's lives and changing the way we look at health. Named one of the Top-5 Emerging Technologies that will shape our future. A safe, non-toxic way to help your body
heal itself.

ASEA is the only company to stabilize Redox Molecules outside the body in consumable form. Redox Molecules are in each of our 75 trillion cells and are the foundation of healthy cell function. Consuming Redox Molecules restores cellular function, allowing the body to heal itself.

The discovery of Redox Molecules is a 5-time Nobel Prize winning technology, in addition to 1,200 books written on Redox, and over 17,000 peer reviewed papers. For nearly 2 decades, Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, and individual teams of Scientists had been working to
recreate Redox Molecules outside the body. The breakthrough was achieved in 2009, led by Atomic Medical Physicist Dr. Gary Samuelson (YouTube) and the company named ASEA was formed to bring Redox Molecules to the world.

Now in over 34 countries, ASEA Redox Molecules is changing human health and changing lives

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CDR Ken Liles
Director, ASEA Cellular Health