Senior Care of Brevard



About Us

Today, we are living in an every changing world and in order for all to survive, we need to re-shape, re-organize and prioritize our efforts in meeting the needs of our community. Senior Care of Brevard has become that composite of change. We have reshaped, re-organized and prioritized.

When a disease with disabilities affects our society, for anyone to meet the demands of care involves team work. I believe that one of the distinguishing qualities that Senior Care of Brevard brings is our ability and willingness to work with the more advanced patient in any disease process. We give compassionate care.

Our motto ''Everyone Has Absolute Value'' is not just words but our belief system. We are here to improve the quality of the client's life. We are not just a center, or a social club but a ''home away from home'' for these precious souls. We have a dedicated team willing and able to step in and serve when others cannot. We are a healing center for the entire family.

Senior Care of Brevard pledges that our client's and their families will experience an atmosphere of warmth and a feeling we do care. We reach out our hand of support to the families in their time of need. Our goal is to communicate on a broader range with our community partners and local businesses.

The community should know where we are, how we are doing our jobs, what our goals and objectives are. Change isn't easy, but often necessary. Our goal is to become the champions in the quality of care given and know we have made a dignified difference in the life of our client's and our community.


  • Alzheimer's Training
  • All Therapies including, mental, physical, occupational, music, and pet therapy
  • Counseling, Mentoring and Respite
  • We offer a highly active and stimulating activities program
  • Lunch Program