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About Us

From coast to coast. From the Great Lakes to the gulf. There are 3,000 of us in 100 offices across 36 states. We’re the regulars at your restaurants, parents in your PTA, and volunteers in your community. We know your neighborhoods because they are our neighborhoods, too.

We are advertising experts with access to every tool that any business needs to grow. Thousands of hours of premium video programming across the world’s best networks and streaming services. Over a hundred million consumer impressions available every day on every screen and device. Billions of data points translated into insights and ideas that turn consumers into your customers.

And we offer it all under one roof.

We know three things better than anyone: how to harness the power of multiscreen advertising for any business, how to offer a simplified one-stop-shop destination for marketing solutions, and what makes our towns and cities tick.

At Spectrum Reach, we make local businesses big and big brands look local.
We are the most trusted media sales company in America, and we happen to be your neighbors.


  • Local Brevard Advertising Consultants ready to help you with customized own advertising solution for your business
  • Advertise on TV on 60 of the top cable TV networks
  • The only media outlet to advertise on Spectrum News 13
  • Full suite of digital/online advertising solutions including search, display, pre-roll, & streaming to reach anyone
  • Full in-house creative agency at your disposal to help all of your creative needs